The academic career has evolved considerably in recent times and the emphasis, at this point in time, is on academics being primarily successful researchers, engaged in interesting and relevant research, disseminating their results to a wide audience and delivering high impact, for instance in the shape of citations. How this is achieved matters a lot however and in particular, the forums where research is published is an important consideration.

On the one hand, research on decision support has a small number of dedicated forums where it can be published. On the other hand, these forums are not always the most visible or best-recognized forums in the discipline of information systems. Also, where research on decision support is multi-disciplinary in its orientation, the issue of selecting forums for publishing is even more important. This means that researchers in the decision support area face critical decisions in relation to their research directions and their strategies for publication.

This panel will discuss strategies for disseminating research outputs in the area of decision support, addressing the different needs of academics at different stages in their careers.

Chaired by Frederic Adam, the panel will involve participation from the following scholars at different stages in their careers, but all with experience of major responsibilities at leading journals:
  • Prof Claudia Loebbecke, University of Cologne, Germany. Honorary board member, Journal of Strategic Information Systems
  • Prof Ravishankar Mayasandra-Nagaraja, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University, UK, Senior Editor, Information Systems Journal
  • Dr Robert Gleasure, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, co-Editor in Chief, Journal of Decision Systems.
  • Prof Gloria Phillips-Wren, Shellinger School of Business, Loyola University, Maryland, USA. Editor in Chief, Intelligent Decision Technologies - An International Journal

FrederickAdam.[1] Frederic Adam is Professor of Management Information Systems in the Business Information Systems department at University College Cork's Business School. His research interests are focused on Decision Support Systems both in business and in the medical area where he has led a number of projects aimed at developing decision support artefacts for clinicians. He has also published extensively in the Enterprise Systems area. His research has appeared in ranked scientific journals and a number of books and he regularly presents at international conferences. He is a Principal Investigator in the Financial Services Innovation Centre and one of the founders of the INFANT research centre at UCC. An elected Governor of University College Cork since 2011, Frederic Adam sits on its Finance Committee. Frederic Adam has been the Chair of the IFIP working group 8.3 since 2010.


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